What have we learned about Argentina, the USA and collaborating with each other?

  1. Remember the time difference between our countries
Brooke- What I have learned about Argentina is that they drink out of Mate cups.
What I have learned about Argentina is that the seasons are switched around. Like summer is winter in Argentina.
-Sarah Claire
I have learned that Agentina is a big horse contry.-Alicia
Emily- i did not know that in argentina you do not have hallaween. i guess that i have cellibrated hallaween my whole life i thought everyone else cellabrated it too.
Alexis- I leaned that alot of people like to eat meat!
I have learned Argentina loves the sport soccer and the soccer teams colors are yellow and blue and red and white-Kaleigh
I learned that Arentina goes as crazy for soccer as we do for football.- Craig
I have learned that Argentinian kids like two soccer teams, the colors areblue and yellow and the red and white.- Ryan
I have learned that Argentina has alot of the same movies that we do.-KYLE
I have learned that Argentina's soccer teams' colors are blue and yellow and red and white.-Maddie
I learned that the Argentina flag is blue and white with a sun in the middle. - Brittany :)