I always wanted to know...?

Our students would like to know:

  1. Students wanted to know what types of food are the favorite kinds for kids to eat?
  2. 2. What are some of the favorite kids drinks?
  3. 3. Does your school have team sports?
  4. Do you play computer games - Runescape, StarWars Galaxies etc.
  5. What is your favorite sport
  6. What is your favorite two teams.

1. How many languages you must study in your school?
2. Do you learn German? And Spanish?
3. How many classmates have you got?

1.How many time are you at school?
2.How many languages have you?
3.What do you do after school?

Usa: sky blue
Argentina: green

Siempre quería saber...?

Students write questions about something they always wanted to know about the other country. The partner school answers these questions
Estudiantes escriben preguntas sobre algo que siempre querían saber del otro país. Los chicos del otro colegio contestan esas preguntas.