There is a boy, I think he likes to see Star Wars. And a girl, she likes to be on the farm!!!! The video of football is interesting, because in Argentina we don´t play wery often american football... So, we don´t know wery much about this game! But unluckily, we could not see the video "Life in Florida". Cote:)



The videos are very good, and all of this are interessting!!! We know that you use an uniform, we too!!! We learnded that you celebrate Halloween. In Argentina not many people celebrate Halloween.
We learned that your flagg is red, white and blue wiht white stars on it.
Iara, Ale, Kati and Meli = )

In Jacksonville you have very big supermarkets! There are a lot of products! Here, in Argentina, there are big and small supermarkets. A big supermarket is Jumbo. Many people go there and buy products. We also have a deli, a bakery, a lot of fruit and vegetables, seafood and a lot of meat in the supermarket!

We can’t see a video. The other ones are interesting and they have much information. One is short, the Disney one. Some things that I saw on the video are very similar to Argentina.

The video about a girl in a country is very interesting.

The videos are very interesting! I learnt about the girl’s tasks in the barn , about Star Wars and lot of things about USA. Andrea

We learned that you like sports and animals. That your new president is Obama!!! We know that your school is in Florida and far from Miami.